Timely Story on the Wold of Sex Trafficking

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The launch is scheduled for May 16, 2018.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

We Did It! Thank You For All Your Support!

Five-Star Amazon reviews have said:

“This book is truly 'couldn't put it down' spellbinding.”  

“It seems more real than a work of fiction and in fact, a lot of it is true.”

“Jana wields her mighty pen like a samurai sword, with such precision and grace and truth.”

“I intend to get involved now and do what I can to put a stop to the horror being brought to our children.”

    Debuting as a No. 1 Best Seller on May 16, Jana Bommersbach's explosive new novel on sex trafficking is reaching audiences that had no idea this ugly crime was trapping at least 100,000 American children each year into sex slavery.

    Numbers like that are overwhelming, so Jana makes it real. To paraphrase a famous quote: “The slavery of millions is a statistic.  The slavery of one girl is a tragedy.”

    She takes readers into this tragic world through the experiences of two naive and vulnerable girls: one from a small town in North Dakota, the other from the nation's fifth largest city, Phoenix, Arizona.

More books are coming soon to Changing Hands Bookstores — both Phoenix and Tempe.
If you are wondering what to do next to help Jana, listen to Bear!

"If I could," said Bear, "I'd do two things after reading Jana’s new novel.  I'd write a review on Amazon, and then I'd pass the book on to a young girl or boy. Just maybe......"

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Jana Bommersbach
Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Journalist and Author