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Shift Your Perspective, Shift Your Life

It seems like most of us are born on "the wrong side of the bed," right from the start.  We wake up every morning feeling incomplete and unhappy but have no idea why or what to do to change it. If you're like me, you've spent years chasing after "it" and it still eludes you.

That's why I'm here.  I've shifted my story in such a huge way that I must share it with you.  I suffered for over 50 years and although some of that time was spent on my spiritual quest, moving toward a greater purpose and meaning to my life, until I really said YES to what was hard, nothing much changed.

Life continued to happen.  Abuse, rape, illness, the loss of my home to wildfire and breast cancer.

I resisted.  It hurt.  How could I say YES to all of that?

But one day I felt that "tap" on my shoulder.  I heard the voice that kept saying, "Hey, I'm here.  And I'm sending these things as messages.   I'm wanting to love you."

When I realized life was sending me GIFTS to wake me up and move me in a different direction, things began to shift.

When I finally "got" that life's biggest challenges were pure gold and catalysts to my greatest self, when I began understanding the balance between "taking control of" what I wanted and where I wanted to go along with "surrendering" to the loving energy that created all things, everything began to change. 

When I decided it was time I got to know ME better and develop an intimate relationship with my soul-self and the Universe that is in ME and all things, things began to change.

When I started tuning into my inner guidance, using daily processes to ground and center me and when I said yes to living life on my own terms, a whole new world began to unfold. When I took each Divinely guided step that felt aligned (even when it made no sense!) and trusted, a beautiful doorway was opened to me.  That's when I landed in my "miracle space," and I'm still there today.  That's a space where unbelievable things, things I had "tried" to make happen as well as unexpected things, began to show up.  Like magic.

Does that mean life is always easy?  No.  Look, we weren't sent here with a manual on how to live life to the fullest.  Or how to be happy.  We've forgotten who we really are and the power we really have.  It all comes down to a commitment, a decision, an action, an insight, a shift in your perception. 

And that's why I've written "Your Turning Point."  It's a guide to navigate life's storms.  It's a guide to lead you to your true and most powerful self.  It's a guide that if followed and incorporated into your daily life, will lead you on a path of wonder and will lead you to a life of miracles. 

And that's a life worth living.

Wanna check it out?

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This book was a love letter to me and it's a love letter to you, too!!

I know you'll enjoy it.   Sending you all of my love.