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The pre-order launch is starting today, November 13th, with delivery of the book on December 7th

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Your Life Navigation Guide

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Ever feel like life is not in your corner?  Ever get tired of the struggles and suffering?  Ever wonder why you're here?

Well, today I have loving and hopeful news for you.

My friend, Lisa Winston, is releasing her first book just for you.  She's been there, she understands what you've been going through and she's found a WAY through.

Lisa suffered for over 50 years; she endured tragedies and trauma including abuse, rape, losing her home to wildfire and breast cancer.  And it could've "done her in." But it didn't.  She was determined to find her way to happiness and the life she knew she was meant to live.  What she found is EVEN BETTER than that.   She is now living in what she calls "the miracle space, " a place that's difficult to grasp, but one where gratitude and joy prevail and miraculous things just fall into your lap.

She wants to see you get to your own miracle and that's why she's written "Your Turning Point."  It's a life navigation guide to help you move through challenges with greater ease and clarity; it's a guide leading you back to remembering the brilliance of who you REALLY are and it's a guide filled with "how to's" to get you there.

So, I encourage you to grab your very own copy of "Your Turning Point - How to Break Free from a Life of Limitation and Break Through to a Life of Miracles."  It's available on Amazon today for only 99 cents!!   It may just be the biggest turning point of your life so far.  Say YES.  If you go to, not only will you get the ebook but $300 in bonuses too!!

Shift your life to a space worth living.  Get your copy now.