Soul Cyphers

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A wonderful read that can lead to a profound change in your life!

I was so moved by this book's message of love and hope! This book is now my go to book to give out to others, especially my friends who are struggling with life.


This is a wonderful inspirational piece of work. The Robert Clancy share beautifully written inspirational stories and these amazing 'decodes' (simple daily practice takeaways) at the end of each chapter.

One of the best books around for getting in touch with your soul

Everyone should read this book. Seriously, you will find something that speaks to your heart and touches your soul in so many profound ways, I can't count them all.

Such an inspiring book!

This book will change your life & view of yourself. What I love about this book is the many short, easy to read, inspirational stories and the author's amazing insights on love, life, peace and self-worth. This book is truly a therapeutic learning experience.

Positively inspiring! Powerful, thoughtful, and filled with angelic love!

Everyday we could be faced with difficult situations. A friend shared this book with me that profoundly affected them and helped them change their outlook on life. After reading this, I understand why and I cannot adequately express how powerful this book truly is. This book is beautifully written and deeply inspiring.