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Get This Strategy Sheet So Speaker Bookers are Irresistibly Drawn to You

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Are you struggling with what to say to persuade speaker bookers to put you on their stages?

The key is making yourself relevant to that particular booker and his or her audience.

So let’s make this simple!

My friend Jackie Lapin, an expert in helping people get booked for speaking gigs, has created a fill-in-the-form strategy sheet that enables you to assemble the exact right information that will make you irresistibly relevant to that particular booker

You can use this with each different group, meeting, event or association to make an impact in your emailed proposal.

Just download it right here!

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PS... And if you don’t yet see your region, submit your request at the bottom of the page and you will be alerted you when it’s ready!

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New Local Speaker Directories Just Released!

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You and I are both invested in seeing you succeed. 

And to do that you, you’ve got to get out on stages in your community so people know you can solve the problem that keeps them awake nights. 

But I also know you don’t have time to go looking for those stages on your own!

So I have an easy and immediate solution.

My friend Jackie Lapin is on her way to developing LOCAL Speaker Directories for 90 individual markets in the US and Canada, and she has just released the first dozen or so!

Her SpeakerTunity Cities™ Regional Speaker’s Directories cover meetings, associations and venues, along with the contact information for each one.

There is nothing like this anywhere else.

Be among the first to get access your city’s directory and serve those people who are waiting for your help! 

Grab your SpeakerTunity Cities™ Regional Speaker’s Directory today (affiliate link)

Your Greater Success Awaits!

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PS... And if Jackie doesn’t yet have your region, tell her what market you want and her team will alert you when it’s ready!