SpeakerTunity® Speaker Success Booking System

Taking the guesswork out of getting booked and get more gigs NOW!

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SpeakerTunity® Speaker Success Booking System

We know that for many people it’s not just a matter of WHERE to get contacts for speaking gigs, it’s also the fact they are intimated or don’t know HOW to pitch those speaker bookers.

We solve that with this SpeakerTunity Cities™ Speaker Success Booking System!  

The sure-fire, step-by-step system that takes the guesswork out of what to say, when to say it and how to get booked—and re-booked!

Here’s what they get:

  • “SpeakerTunity Cities™ Get-Booked Guide” instructional video 
  • The “SpeakerTunity Cities™ Get-Booked Guide” Writeable PDF to make you have everything you need to get booked in the right order and action steps to undertake
  • Two Speaker One-Sheet Templates -- and four samples of speaker-one sheets you can emulate
  • The “Make Yourself Irresistibly Relevant to a Booker Strategy Sheet” Writable PDF so you can determine the exact key messages to include in your proposal email to any particular booker
  • Two Speaker Proposal Emails templates
  • Three sample Follow-Up Phone Scripts
  • Your “Speaker Outreach Tracking Excel Sheet” so you can effectively conduct, time and track your follow-ups
  • The “Ultimate Speaker Checklist and Video Training” for when you DO get booked to ensure maximum success. This is a 7-page document! It’s the most complete checklist available!

It’s a comprehensive all-in-one resource which will make the process smooth and easy!

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Jackie Lapin  and the SpeakerTunity Team!

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