From Bottom To Top

Share Your Story of How Your Rose From the Bottom to a Better Place in Your LIfe

Inspire others when you share how your story changed from feeling worthless to loving who you are becoming

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From Bottom To Top

Hello and Much Love to All of You Who Have Taken the Time to Read This

So many of us have been there, that place that we thought we could never rise from, that place that made us feel like, is this it?

The paths that made us feel stuck and worthless!  The feelings and emotions that kept us down!  The stories that we told that have done nothing but hurt us and keep us stuck.

From Bottom To Top is a compilation of those stories and how we told them and how we changed them.  How each of us stepped on a new path of mastering our lives despite our story, actually because of our story.

From Bottom To Top is about how each author took their story from their worst days, and used it to create their best days.  It is meant to show each reader that where there is pain, there is also more light than they could even imagine and it inspire them to move forward and create their own path to the top.

Become Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

Being part of this group effort you will find that your message is just as important as all the others.  Gathered into one space, many can be inspired by all of your passionate contributions.  All you have to do is take action!  

Everything you need to succeed!

  • Featured on our website with a link about the author?
  • Be an internationally best selling author (priceless)
  • Your own chapter with your bio, and headshot in included ($750 value) 
  • You reading your chapter and being included in the Audio Book ($4000 value)
  • A personal segment on the Heart Talks Stage launching this fall on Roku ($1500 Value) 
  • One Free copy of book to each author
  • Purchase at print cost any time shipped to your door 
  • An online launch (Creative all day event streaming live with 10 minute spots for each author to share about their chapter) 
  • Access to over 300 podcasters waiting for your message (also priceless) 
  • Distribution to Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Barnes & Noble, iBook (Apple), Walmart, Kobo, etc. 
  • Social Media Graphic Flyer for advertising personalized for each author 

This book is meant to be an inspiration and for all of you that join us, the investment is small to make such a huge impact in someones life.  Royalties from all ebooks and hard copies will be send to charities that support the prevention of suicide as it unfortunately on the rise.'

Thank you for your support and we look forward to not only becoming an author but sending this to those you know that would be a great addition to this book!!

Campaign Updates

Friday, March 12, 2021

IAUSM Faculty - Become a Part of 'From Bottom to Top'

Hey IAUSM Faculty:

Please come into this new campaign we have in spiral share for the book that we would love you to collaborate in.  Some of you have joined already which is amazing.

We have added a referral fee for those of you that become authors and refer other potential authors to join in.  We have a few posts and graphics for you.   If you or someone you know has an amazing story to tell about their journey from Bottom to Top then we want to hear from them.  This book is about inspiring others to rise up.  Your story could literally be the difference between life and death.

Can't wait to join this journey with me and let's raise the vibration of this planet together in yet another way.

Love you all


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Ayse Hogan