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Welcome to this simple way to share the news with your community about the SpeakerTunity® Shortcut to Success Quick Start Programs. These programs enable new and emerging speakers to get a one-purchase combination of SpeakerTunity®  products that gets them launched quickly, without having to decide what they need from our array of resources. These pre-selected programs combine one of our lead directories, with a  training program on how to get booked, and one other tool that will make their journey more successful. We have 4 quick starts.. speaking, podcast/radio shows, virtual summits and virtual networking.    

We are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm for our SpeakerTunity® resources. We’re so excited to have you join us! 

If you have arrived here on this page, you likely will have already received from us your branded affiliate link for either then entire suite or for one of the products. That link you can apply to all of the emails, social media messages or other methods of spreading the word, and our Infusionsoft system will track and record your commissions. 

This Spiral Share Portal makes it easy for you to get “swipe copy” and graphics. Here you will also find social media content that can be shared with the push of a button! Just place your affiliate link in the appropriately designated places and you are off and running!

If you have any technological challenges or link issues, all concerns and requests should go to Jeff Donovan, our partnership and customer relations manager, at  or call 818 707 1473.

Thank you for your gracious support!

Jackie Lapin  and the SpeakerTunity Team!

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