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Hundreds of speaking opportunities in YOUR community are just waiting for you to TAKE THE STAGE!

If inspired, please share with your tribe. Thank you for your support of my campaign!

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SpeakerTunity Cities - Evergreen

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Would You Like to Fill Up 2020 With Speaking Engagements?

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SpeakerTunity Cities®

Want the Fastest and Easiest Way to Find Speaking Gigs in Your Market? 

Without You Having to Do Any Research....?

How would you like to have contacts for hundreds—or even thousands--of evergreen speaking opportunities in your market instantly at your fingertips? WITHOUT DOING ANY OF THE RESEARCH?

That’s what SpeakerTunity Cities®

 provides.  SpeakerTunity®

 does the research so you don’t have to. You receive name, email, phone number for the meeting, association, organization and venue coordinators that book speakers in your community.  It’s the VERY FIRST resource that gives speakers, experts, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs exactly what you need most....access to your audiences. 

You get one full year's access to continuously-updating directories at any time in PDFs or Excel format. Each directory covers four categories -- 30 business sectors including industry, gender and ethnicity; philanthropic and service groups; all the places you will touch the consumer directly; plus spiritual and faith-based opportunities. 

Don't be kept of stages because you don't know where to find them!

Own Your Market! Own Your List...Own Your Stages...Own Your Market!

$479 for your first list, $395 for additional lists.

Rolling out across North America

Click here to get instant access!

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The Speaker’s Holy Grail!

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I have in my possession the Speaker’s Holy Grail...

A massive directory of thousands of speaking opportunities right in your market and their booking contacts!

It’s what every expert, entrepreneur or author must have when you must get out on stages to fill your client list or sell your products. 

Want instant access to numerous cities across the US and Canada?

Just click here! (affiliate link)

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PS... And if you don’t yet see your region, submit your request at the bottom of the page and you will be alerted you when it’s ready!

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New Local Speaker Directories Just Released!

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You and I are both invested in seeing you succeed. 

And to do that you, you’ve got to get out on stages in your community so people know you can solve the problem that keeps them awake nights. 

But I also know you don’t have time to go looking for those stages on your own!

So I have an easy and immediate solution.

My friend Jackie Lapin is on her way to developing LOCAL Speaker Directories for 90 individual markets in the US and Canada, and she has just released the first dozen or so!

Her SpeakerTunity Cities® Regional Speaker’s Directories cover meetings, associations and venues, along with the contact information for each one.

There is nothing like this anywhere else.

Be among the first to get access your city’s directory and serve those people who are waiting for your help! 

Grab your SpeakerTunity Cities® Regional Speaker’s Directory today (affiliate link)

Your Greater Success Awaits!

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PS... And if Jackie doesn’t yet have your region, tell her what market you want and her team will alert you when it’s ready!