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How to Mine Your Speaking Niche for Impact and Income!

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As a speaker or leader who needs to speak to grow your business, you’ve probably heard it said that the “riches are in the niches!

And while this is true, do you know how to optimize your ability to secure, energize, activate and inspire your ideal niche community so that it grows and prospers you?

And how specifically to connect with the decision makers that control the speaking gigs in your niche/specialty/genre?

How to Mine Your Speaking Niche for Impact & Income! will answer all those questions, and then some!

You niche is your goldmine. If you’re trying to mine elsewhere, you may come up with a lot of granite and quartz, but not a lot of gold.

Watch this webinar and start collecting nuggets! (Your Link)

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Cultivate Your Niche for Fun and Profit 

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Speaking to the masses may be great for one’s ego, but speaking to your niche is great for one’s bank account!

“Niching-down” is the key to making more profit with less effort. It’s also easier to find the right speaking gigs. 

My colleague Jackie Lapin, an expert on get booked in all the right places, has created a webinar How to Mine Your Speaking Niche for Impact & Income! designed to zero-in on optimizing your niche for fun and profit!

This short 30 minute webinar will open your eyes to the ways you can nurture your niche into a powerful steady stream of revenue.

And it will give you an exciting new way to find your virtual speaking gigs for that niche anywhere in North America.  

Get your niche on!  Watch here! (Your Link)

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Finding the Riches in the Niches?—Or Do You Need a Little Help?

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There’s a formula to finding, nurturing and prospering from your niche. Would you like to know what it is?  

Watch this webinar from my friend and colleague Jackie Lapin, How to Mine Your Speaking Niche for Impact & Income!

You’ll learn how to maximize the value of your niche community and how to attract more people into your community from your designated niche! In 30 minutes, you’ll find out to how you get in front of more virtual and live audiences that will fill your client base with ideal prospects from your niche. 

Click here to watch now! (Your Link)

And get your niche in gear!

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