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We heard your plea: You need help getting booked!

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Hi (NAME),

My good friend Jackie Lapin has an amazing opportunity that can help you connect with thousands of stages, podcast, virtual summit leads.

For years, her company SpeakerTunity® has specialized in creating directories and tip sheets of contacts for speakers.

The problem? Many speakers like you aren’t jumping on these contacts because you just don’t have the time to do the follow-up.

As a result, she’s launched an incredible strategic partnership with Book For You Virtual Assistants, a company committed to helping you get the bookings that will propel your business.

These are not generalist VAs...they are solely dedicated to helping you get on more live and virtual stages, podcasts and virtual summits.

Whether you are already a subscriber to one of these directories and not taking full advantage of what you have, or you are new to SpeakerTunity® and want to get off to a great start, Book For You Virtual Assistants can turn your lists into gold! They can activate your booking campaign on a consistent basis - stepping in where you don’t have the time.

The key is that you need someone to make initial contact, fill out call-for-speakers submission forms, do the follow up and secure interest. You can step in from there if more is needed to secure the opportunity.

Having your dedicated Book For You VA means that you will actually be booking gigs, rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting for opportunities to come to you!

And the upside? You might just be filling up your speaking calendar with bookings and your dance card with new clients!

And all of this can start for an investment of as little as $400 a month for 20 hours/month.

  Visit to review your options and get started! 

To Your Speaking Success,

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Introducing you a great new service for increasing your visibility-- Book For You Virtual Assistants

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Hi (NAME),

If these words have come out of your mouth anytime in the past couple of years: “I just don’t have the time to book myself for speaking engagements (podcasts or virtual summits)!” then problem solved!

I’m so thrilled that my good friends at SpeakerTunity® have hooked up with Book For You Virtual Assistants!

This organization is dedicated to helping leaders secure the bookings that will increase your visibility, authority, impact and revenue.

And since so many folks struggle with finding the time to do their own booking, this is the perfect solution.

Having a specially-trained virtual assistant who knows her way around our SpeakerTunity® Directories and Tip Sheets to get you in front of decision makers! Booking is a numbers game.

You need to reach a lot of gatekeepers in order to build a consistent schedule of appearances. Let someone do that part of it for you. Once the door is open, you may need to talk to the booker to sew it up, but at least your time isn’t expended in the outreach process—that is DONE FOR YOU!

So if you want to stop feeling guilty that you aren’t doing the outreach you need for visibility  then go on over to Book For You Virtual Assistants and explore your options! 


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Your Own Dedicated Virtual Assistant for Pitching You for Speaking, Podcasts and Summits

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Hi (NAME),

Have you ever pondered….

  • I’d love to get a Virtual Assistant to help me with getting booked, but I haven’t a clue where to find someone reliable? 
  • If I get a VA, will they be any good at booking – or just administrative internet marketing stuff?
  • I’ve been burned before with solo VAs who don’t do what they say, how can I trust someone?
  • I’m not sure how to work with VAs overseas who I don’t know, and will there be a cultural, language or time problem?

If any of these have stopped you from getting on the stages, podcasts and summits you deserve, then we’ve got the answer for you! 

SpeakerTunity has teamed up with Book For You Virtual Assistants!

This company has VAs that are trained specialists in pursuing bookings for you! They fill in the gap you have in manpower to do the outreach you don’t have time to do. And you while you will need to guide your VA on where you want to be booked, your proposal materials and your positioning strategy, you won’t have to worry about supervision. Because that will be done by the company’s internationally-trained and experienced directors who are constantly tracking time sheets, status reports and client activities.

Furthermore, while yes, your VAs will be based in the Philippines, they’ll be adjusting their schedules to connect with you and your booking opportunities in North America. All of them are proficient in English, call-center trained and used to keeping and providing detailed progress reports. With Book ForYou Virtual Assistants you may have a dedicated VA, but you are also getting a TEAM!

Best of all, if you are a SpeakerTunity® subscriber, Book For You VAs know how to work with our lead directories and can activate these for you. If you are not, they will likely recommend you secure the directories from SpeakerTunity® that they need to optimize their research time.

So it’s time to get passed your fears, concerns and reluctance about putting yourself in the hands of a VA…

Book ForYou Virtual Assistants will get you on the road to your next visibility opportunity without any drama…just proficiency, competency and consistency. 

For more information and to get started, head on over to 

To Your Speaking Success,

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Are limited time and manpower keeping you off LIVE & VIRTUAL STAGES, PODCASTS AND MORE?

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Hi (NAME),

If you are still frustrated by the fact that other people are getting the speaking opportunities and podcasts you deserve and the only reason you aren’t is that you haven’t the time to go get them, then I’ve got news for you!

Your turn is here…

My good friend Jackie Lapin and her company SpeakerTunity® has partnered with Book For You Virtual Assistants who are standing ready to fill up your calendar with bookings!

This service assigns you a specially-trained, dedicated Virtual Assistant, to do your outreach to speaker bookers, podcasts, radio shows or virtual summits – you decide where to put the emphasis, get them briefed on your positioning and preferences, and they are off and running!

You get reports and updates, have a twice a month zoom-meeting briefing and everything to assure you that their time is well spent on getting to those gatekeepers that you don’t have the time to pitch.

End your frustration. Engage Book For You Virtual Assistants and get on the road to a consistent campaign of opportunities.

Go to to get started today! 

To Your Speaking Success,

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You can’t say any longer that you just don’t have anyone to help you get booked!

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Hi (NAME),

You can’t say any longer that you just don’t have anyone to help you get booked!

For a mere $400/month, you can have a dedicated Virtual Assistant give you 20 hours of concerted effort to put you on the live and virtual stages, podcasts, radio shows or virtual summits that you want. For just a bit more money, you can get a VA for 80 HOURS a month!

How many bookings do you think could come your way now if you commit to retaining a team that is dedicated to serving your booking needs?

My good friends at Book For You Virtual Assistants are waiting to hear from you!

I am thrilled to resolve this problem which is holding back leaders who deserve WAAAAY MORE VISIBILITY. With my friends at Book For You Virtual Assistants, we now know we can help fill in the gap between what you want and what you need to get booked.

So I encourage you to reach out to and secure your dedicated booking Virtual Assistant today!

To Your Speaking Success,

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