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SpeakerTunity Members Only® Membership

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SpeakerTunity Members Only® Membership

We are pleased to announce we have negotiated access for you to SpeakerTunity Members Only®, the private enclave for speakers and leaders who are serious about getting booked and growing their client base!

Here’s what you will receive if you choose to enroll—A choice of one of these:

  • 40 Podcast/radio/videocast leads 
  • 20+ New virtual summit leads & a dozen giveaways
  • 120 Live and virtual stage leads
  • 4500+ conferences and events

…to drive your speaking and client attraction EVERY SINGLE MONTH—PLUS….

  • Your profile spotlighted where bookers seeking speakers will find you
  • Experts at your disposal to help you succeed from any stage
  • A community of like-minded leaders to support you

Everything you need to be getting more clients steadily without doing the groundwork yourself -- for only $47/month! Add up all the unprecedented value in SpeakerTunity Members Only® and you can count the incredible savings in time, money, support and peace of mind.  

Click here to enroll and get instant access Your Link

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Less Work, More Clients 

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Pull up your calendar and take a look at how many speaking engagements you have booked for the next few weeks.

Are there a lot? 

Do you feel like there should be more?

Does the thought of figuring out how to get those engagements start to feel a bit exhausting or overwhelming?

The calendar challenge is a big part of the reason that so many speakers end up burning out. It’s a tall task to stay on top of various event calendars, search for upcoming events, or stay connected with various groups on LinkedIn.

It’s even more frustrating when you realize that a lot of speaker resource companies are focused on training and speaker skills without giving enough resources to keep you booked consistently. Or they just give you a starter amount and point you in the right direction. 

Most leaders, experts, coaches and authors give up right then...or simply struggle. But there is an solution! A real honest-to-goodness shortcut!

SpeakerTunity® is the resource that I wish I had back then…and I’m very happy that it exists now.

I know just how much time this takes AND I know how much time and energy the SpeakerTunity® team puts into it right now!

In short, their team does the hard work for you. They take on the hours of research for events and stages of all kinds in North America and around the world.

Then they have taken everything they’ve discovered and put it into a convenient membership that grows along with you as you go through your speaking journey.

As a SpeakerTunity® Member, you choose the membership that’s the right fit for you depending on where you are right now. Maybe you can only handle one particular focus, such as live or virtual events, podcasts, or virtual summits. Or maybe you’re ready for more and can start outreach to hundreds of different opportunities per week.

Best of all, SpeakerTunity has done it for what it would cost you for two Starbucks’ coffees a week!

The best time to start is now. 

Explore your SpeakerTunity® Membership options today! And stop missing out on your steady stream of speaker leads! (Link)

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Are you too busy to speak?

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As a speaker, your revenue is in your calendar.

When the calendar is full, it’s normally a happy time. You’re at a lot of different events. You’re meeting new people, prospective clients and partners consistently. Your message is getting traction.

When it’s not full, the panic starts to set in.

What’s harder is that you’re still really busy during both cycles.  It’s just what you’re busy doing.

The reality is that most speaking events have their booking scheduled out months in advance. So if the calendar is empty right now, that might mean that your calendar is about to STAY empty for weeks or months to come without some luck.

This is the unfortunate “feast or famine” life cycle of most speakers. 

Not to mention that a lot of the speaking industry is also based around particular months or seasons - such as “conference” season being in the summer and “launch season” being in the spring or fall months.

It’s possible to break the cycle and have a healthy, consistent business as a speaker.

You just have to manage it and plan effectively, generally months in advance when you can.

The secret is consistent outreach.

When you understand what types of events are taking place during what times, or when you should be looking at interviews or virtual events, or when you should be introducing new products or services…your business gets a lot clearer.

When you have to stop to regroup, or you have big gaps in the calendar, it’s hurting your revenue and your sanity.

You can get off this treadmill and take back your life! I encourage you to consider SpeakerTunity®!

SpeakerTunity® is unique in the sense that it not only provides you with training and resources to make sure that you have more chances to get booked, but they also research and provide hundreds of contacts for a variety of different types of opportunities. 

This means they’ve got live and virtual stages, podcast/radio events, virtual summits, meetings, conferences and more.

There has never been a more complete library of resources and contacts for you to start filling your calendar. Their directories literally include over 100,000 opportunities around the world!

You don’t have to face the dreaded feast or famine. Simply become a member and they’ll get you everything you need to start doing your outreach right away.


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Need some event referrals for speaking?

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Some people refresh their inbox regularly waiting for speaking referrals or event announcements to come in to submit themselves…

Sometimes they get lucky and a colleague or partner would send something interesting.

Other times, you might be hitting refresh and nothing was waiting.

When the referrals aren't coming in and the speaking events aren't on the schedule, I know that many speakers, coaches, and experts then turn to social media as their next step.

This means looking for contacts, connections, or events on LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, or wherever else.

You might start off by looking for events, but then you get distracted or unproductive without turning up a single event lead or contact.

It happens to the best of us!

Luckily, when you’re a SpeakerTunity® Member, their team does all that work for you so you don’t have to worry about these distractions.

SpeakerTunity® members get access to a Conference finder that is updated regularly with thousands of "calls for speakers' per month--events that are looking for speakers right NOW! And discover which are live, virtual or hybrid, along with the submission links and more!

It makes a huge difference when your mind is freed up from having to spend all of your time “hunting.”

You could have as many event referrals in your inbox right now as you and your team can handle.

I truly believe this is the answer to your prayers if you are looking for a simple way to find and discover up to 4500+ conference and events leads every month! Just choose the Conference option when you subscribe!

Here’s the easy path to find them: (Link)

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What You’re Seeking is Right Here! 

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Speaking is a business just like any other business. Where you can, you want to create some consistent and measurable results that you can count on when things get inconsistent.

You don’t HAVE to live in a constant cycle of boom and bust. 

You should know where your next big event or push for clients will be. You should know when you’re doing a publicity push for your book, product, program, or service. 

Your calendar should look like a treasure map to results.

This is also why I’ve been sharing so much lately about our SpeakerTunity® membership. If you’re not there yet, they can get you to that point.

Not just with training and resources, but with the actual contacts you need to start getting booked.

They’ve invested thousands a week to refine their research process. And that will save you thousands of dollars in investment and hundreds of hours of time finding and organizing it on your own.

Plus, it’s only $47 a month to start.

They can’t make it much easier for you.

This is where you start.


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